August Employee of the Month Q-Bomb
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 4:21PM
Bud's Manager

Say hello and good bye to our employee(s) of the month! Q-bomb! the power couple!
Susi, a.k.a. Susi-Q, has been working as a Barista and Supervisor here since 2009, in between traveling the world and attending CMU for Community Health Education. She is a favorite of many customers and employees because she always brings her best to work with her sparkling personality and passion for excellence!
Adam, a.k.a. Adam BOMB, began working at Bud's in 2011 as a chef in our kitchen. Everybody enjoys working with Adam because of his light hearted attitude, fun pranks, and consistency with making sure the job is done right!
Well, a little ways down the road, they didn't jut love Bud's for its great atmosphere and food, but for each other! 
Adam and Susi are joining together to become Q-BOMB this week! And although we will miss them, we couldn't be happier for our "Bud's couple"! 
Adam and Susi, your smile is our ultimate pleasure! Thank you for your service!

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